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WalletConnect is an open protocol to communicate securely between Dapps and Wallets. The protocol establishes a remote pairing between two apps and/or devices using a Relay server to relay payloads. These payloads are symmetrically encrypted through a shared key between the two peers. The pairing is initiated by one peer displaying a QR Code or deep link with a standard WalletConnect URI and is established when the counter-party approves this pairing request.

Getting Started

Currently the WalletConnect protocol has references implementations written in Typescript for the Client and the Relay Server

To quickly setup for your Dapp or Wallet, go to Quick Start for code examples.

To read in more detail about the WalletConnect protocol, go to Technical Specification

Additionally you can also consult the API references for Client and Relay Server.



Share your experience, contribute or ask questions with the WalletConnect Community

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